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Khushal Puri

  • Life & Wellness Coach

Khushal Puri

  • Life & Wellness Coach

I am a Certified Life Coach, Fitness Coach, Nutrition Consultant and a Reiki Therapist. With over a decade of experience in health and wellness coaching, my mission is to empower people to create sustainable solutions for their health and happiness through Personal coaching, Group fitness instruction, Nutrition consulting, Life coaching and Reiki.

The journey of my life wasn’t a bed of roses. I struggled through various phases of life. However, I never gave up. What kept me going was my approach towards life which says that “when you focus on yourself, the possibilities are endless.” I’m not particularly eager to live without challenges. I want to use my experience to help and support individuals to face their life challenges. Suppose I can contribute to making this world a better place to live for everyone, then what a great life it will be.

As a Transformation Life & Wellness coach, My mission is to help people break away from the monotonous pattern impacted by external forces and deep dive into re-discovering themselves. Focus internally through transition and into balanced, healthy, purposeful lives of their choosing. I am passionate about helping individuals create their authentic, happy lives. My Soul is the essence of who I am. I am a deep thinker, guided by my feelings, experiences and faith, rather than controlled by circumstances.

My expertise is in helping people to live better, happier and more successful lives. I am not only a Jay Shetty Certified Coach with a rigorous set of standards for accreditation, but I have several clients who are already seeing improvement in their own lives and are excited to share their experiences with others. My 9-step ABC coaching framework not only restores a person’s sense of purpose but also helps them overcome many of life’s other emotional challenges in all aspects of their lives, including career, family, and health. I help people discover what they want out of life and then use all the tools at my disposal to help them achieve it to live healthier, happier lives. I search for excellence in everything I do.

If any word resonates with you, then please get in touch with me.


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