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Kristijan Avzner

  • Life and Success Coach

Kristijan Avzner

  • Life and Success Coach

Hi there,

So wonderful you are curious to grow through coaching! I’d love to connect, learn more about your needs and see how I could support your journey.

My motto is “follow your heart and dare to make a movement towards it”. If you are interested in following your heart, I’d probably be a good coach for you.

My approach to coaching assumes:

  • We can grow into the best versions of ourselves, and coaching can be a powerful catalyst on that journey. We maybe can’t be anything we want, but we can surely be everything we are.
  • Self-awareness is the starting point of a fulfilled life. Being aware of our purpose enables us to live intentionally, and therefore enables that fulfilled and joyful life.
  • It is possible to cultivate a growth mindset, a curious and playful approach to novelty experiences and personal growth.
  • We can improve our lives significantly by applying small steps and taking one step at a time to utilize our strengths and overcome our inhibitors.
  • I deeply respect every person on the planet. I am curious to learn more about their believes, values, choices. I am eager to support them to grow.
  • My client (you) is coachable. They have the willingness and the commitment to be open and work on their challenges which can be resolved with coaching.

I hope these principles resonate with you. If they do, you are more then welcome to reach out so that we set an in-take call.

Warm regards and good luck with your journey,