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Kristina Rudneva

  • Boundaries Coach

Kristina Rudneva

  • Boundaries Coach

Hi, I’m Kristina, Boundaries Coach.

Why boundaries? Because when we understand where we end and others begin, we can start LIVING for ourselves.

When you build healthy boundaries with yourself and the world around you, and take responsibility for your life, it becomes incredibly fulfilling.

If any of this sounds like you, you are likely struggling with healthy boundaries.

  • Keep others at a distance.
  • Can’t ask for help.
  • Avoid close relationships.
  • Overshare.
  • Your self-worth and the ability to make decisions depend on the opinion of others.
  • Feel guilty for saying “NO”.
  • Afraid of losing relationships, being rejected or disappointing others.
  • Do not prioritise yourself.
  • Feel resentful or annoyed.
  • Burnt out or stressed.

Boundaries exist all around us, whether we are aware of them or not. Every relationship needs them.

When you are able to build healthy boundaries with yourself and the world, you are able to clearly define what you want, ask for it, feel confident, truly connect with loved ones, spend time on the things YOU enjoy, and have the freedom to be your authentic, powerful self.

If you don’t define your own boundaries, others will do it for you.

I don’t know what’s right for you. You definitely know better how to live your life than anyone else. My coaching is based on YOUR understanding of what makes you happy.

I will help you pay attention to the details that dictate how you live your life, and together we will explore what to do differently if you want to live differently.

The balance between empathy and directness is my coaching approach. I will support and challenge you gently when needed.

It’s important for me to help you find your way and create new strategies to get there.

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