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Kunaseelan Tharsan

  • Mindset & Career Coach

Kunaseelan Tharsan

  • Mindset & Career Coach

“We are what we repeatedly do, excellence is therefore not an act, but a habit” 

Two words in this quote stand out for me: ‘repeatedly’ and ‘habit’ as they have an indirect reference to Time.

This is a quote that really grew on me as time passed, experiences followed/accumulated and my perspectives widened. Growing up i have always wanted to follow into the footsteps of the best football player, the best lawyer, the best coach.

Whilst I attempted to speak it into existence, I never knew what really differentiated an average person to the levels these extraordinary individuals keep themselves at, hence, in the process failing miserably. 

This constant failure strengthened my belief that only talent breeds success, however, it wasn’t until I stumbled across a documentary on one of these great individuals that led me to learn what their secret to success really was. 

To my surprise it was something even the average person had unlimited access to: Time. Time, if used smartly, can be the bridge that brings your dream ever so closer to your reality. Coming back to the quote, if a person 1) created a goal 2) designated time to this goal and 3) took repeated action towards this goal to a point of consistency until it became a habit then that person will go onto achieve great things.  

Now this is very easier said than done.

Now this may sound great to read but as you and I both know it’s only a matter of time before your motivation and hunger to achieve that goal becomes less visible or mentally taxing. That’s where a life coach comes in, like your partner in crime, subtly reminding you of your purpose – the reason you started this journey, digging to the root of why daily obstacles are stopping you from taking the next step that all these successful individuals have overcome in their pursuit of genuine happiness. Whilst you may have an expert who can help you with the technical aspects of reaching your goal, without a life coach to delve into your mindset and prioritise how you are feeling, you cannot put what you learn into consistent action.

That’s what differentiates good from unforgettable. We all want to be remembered for what we believe in and have true passion towards and that starts with nurturing a proactive mindset. 

My name is Tharsan, I am a certified Career and Mindset coach based in the UK, holding a great level of experience in navigating through the world of work and the way in which to approach your goals and careers.

Whether that is going through your CV and resumes, adding little interview tips and techniques to tailor it to the job you apply for, or helping you discover your unique talents and skillsets to be confident in what you can offer to the outside world – I aim to focus on what will help set you apart from your peers. 

As a mindset coach I will help you establish your desired results by first and foremost, allowing you to be your unique self so you can enjoy the journey every step of the way. 

Your time is precious so don’t waste another second in your head and get out to do something you love. Contact me for a free discovery chat and get a closer look at what we can achieve together!