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Laura Cheney

  • Change Coach

Change is hard, unavoidable, enriching, fulfilling, invigorating and scary. We can’t stop it from happening, but we can make it happen so that it works for us. With a coaching hand, you can face change with intention, determination, and confidence. It’s all within you.

Be it leaving a partner I loved, breaking up a business partnership, closing the doors of a beloved company, or putting a job and a career in the rearview mirror (many times!), when I knew it wasn’t meant to be, I was determined to face the unknown and change course. Without regret or a single burned bridge, at each juncture I was closer to finding my true self and my purpose. I relied on my resources, friends, family and primarily my own inner strength.

In my most recent big change, from Producer to Life Coach, I made the greatest leap toward finding my purpose. I attribute this to the Mindset Coach whose guidance helped me realize the self-confidence, self-reliance, strengths, and grounding that existed within me. As a Jay Shetty Certified Coach, I would like to pay that forward and support others in their journey of change.

My Purpose is to make a positive difference in people’s lives, one that will ripple beyond them and have a positive impact on the world.

My Mission is to facilitate a co-creative, safe space to foster self-discovery and autonomy in order to achieve the change you desire.

My Style embodies curiosity, compassion, authenticity, and honesty.

Change. Let’s make it happen.