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Laura Lopez

  • Expat and Purpose Coach

Laura Lopez

  • Expat and Purpose Coach

“I started a conscious self-discovery and personal growth journey over a decade ago when I decided to leave my home country, Spain.

I went from exploring the charming town in the south of England to learning how to speak with my hands in Italy before finally getting a taste of the American dream. I continued on my travels and become delighted by the kindest of New Zealanders to finally being astonished by the wildlife of Australia where I ultimately settled.

Due to a series of unfortunate events, my life was shaken in 2019. I was left feeling like I had two options to choose; either fall into a dark hole of pity and sadness, that would lead me to the destination, depression, or do what I needed the most, which was to heal and work on myself so that I could TRANSFORM my life.

I chose the latter and found my purpose and turned into a business that fulfills me and rediscovered who I really was without the noise of my culture, family, friends, and romantic relationships.

As an Expat and Purpose Coach, I help committed courageous individuals living abroad step outside their comfort zone, discover their¬†greatness and start a profitable business that fulfills them.”

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