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Laura Mooney

  • Empowerment & Life Coach

Laura Mooney

  • Empowerment & Life Coach


Heart’s Purpose providing Empowerment & Life Coaching, with one sole, heart-focussed, female-centred purpose; ‘to coach, serve and guide women to achieve  empowerment and discover their Heart’s Purpose ’. 

Heart’s Purpose stands for reconnecting women to their power, to what truly motivates and inspires them to be the best version of themselves.

Heart’s Purpose instils and infuses a deep sense of trust as a compassionate, empathic, caring guide, walking with women whilst they harness their own accountability, positive life affirming steps and action plans.

To enable women who embrace their Heart’s Purpose to seek, find and embrace themselves and their life.  That these women will continue to feel motivated and inspire each woman they then meet, to seek their own self-empowerment.  Creating a wave of positive energy and transformational change.

Empowerment Coaching for women that creates, impacts, changes and transforms their lives. Heart’s Purpose wishes to serve aspiring Professionals, Business Women, Entrepreneurs, Managers and Executives, with Empowerment & Life Coaching that truly offers a solution for those who want and need to change their lives.

Laura Mooney, Empowerment & Life Coach, has over 30 years of business experience, having worked in Corporate, and small to medium sized enterprises and established her own Service Management Company as a Programme & Project Management professional, MBA, BSc, APMP qualified and a member of the Chartered Management Institute.

Becoming a Life Coach, conceiving Heart’s Purpose and embarking upon a journey, with the opportunity to work with amazing women on a daily basis, will only continue to infuse my passion, to serve in my purpose coaching, serving and guiding women to achieve empowerment and live in their Heart’s Purpose .


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Contact Number: +447730870515