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Leila Boutaleb Brousse

  • Self-Leadership, Career Coach

Leila Boutaleb Brousse

  • Self-Leadership, Career Coach

Following 18 years in marketing strategy and leadership within a dynamic, challenging, and constantly evolving environment, I decided to connect to my purpose: a passion to serve and guide Individuals and Teams to unleash their potential and achieve their goals.​

Because I truly believe the most powerful leadership tool we have is our own personal example, my approach is focused on Self-Leadership. My mission is to help individuals and team members intentionally influence their own thinking, emotions, and actions toward their goals.​

Many executives and high-potential individuals feel stuck, suffer from imposter syndrome or simply lack the energy to pursue what they really want. That leads to stress, anxiety, and sometimes a loss of their own purpose. My 4 steps E.T.A.P framework help them:​

1-develop a great mindset and better management of their emotions ​
2-Define their goals according to their inner needs and desires ​
3- Stay motivated and accountable with their goals ​
4-Better manage their time, energy, and habits to improve their performance​

I am a certified Jay Shetty coach, with several clients mainly in the Tech and the Financial Services industry, who are already seeing improvement in their lives and are excited to share that with others.