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Linda Queler

  • Wholeness Integration/Wellness Coach

Linda Queler

  • Wholeness Integration/Wellness Coach

I am a mom, a partner with my husband, a wholeness integration coach, a yoga and meditation teacher and a lifelong learner.I have a zest for all kinds of discovery. The globe, people, life and the self.

As a coach and a global citizen, my purpose is to spread awareness and knowledge to one person at a time who is curious to discover the true meaning and purpose in their lives.  I look to serve young and start up parents to find balance in their personal and professional lives for better relationship, performance and health.

As a mother of two young children, now 10 and 7, I struggled to find the balance in my life. While losing one identity and gaining another, I struggled to find my purpose and who I am and who I will be. With these crises, I desperately tried to find my “why”. Meanwhile, I was experiencing heavy postpartum depression and trying to have my mental health in check.

Through the journey of becoming a life and success coach and getting a handle on my mental health with treatments, along with mindful practices like yoga and meditation taught me the knowledge to shift my mind’s perspective for the positive and towards a healthier and happier life.

I am excited to be your guide through your journey, while you discover your power and your true potential.

Cheers to Life!