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Lior Glogau

  • Empowerment Life Coach

Lior Glogau

  • Empowerment Life Coach

Hello darling! Welcome to my profile.

My name is Lior Glogau, I am an empowerment life coach, aspiring permaculture designer, and life explorer.

I hold a vision of a world that is harmonious and balanced. Where we humans have community, we know health, joy, pleasure, and peace. Food is deeply nourishing, children are heard and seen, and we are consciously transforming the world into a timeline of the highest frequency. Nature is respected and honored. Her rhythms, cycles, and wisdom are studied with reverence. We live in kinship and reciprocity with the natural world and with each other.
(And so it is.)

I believe the biggest obstacle that stands in our way from a thriving life and planet is our disconnection from ourselves, each other, and the natural environment, and it’s about time we changed that. How? By reclaiming ourselves and recognizing our inherent interconnection.
Freedom is contagious, as Glennon Doyle says, and by setting ourselves free of what is not true and no longer serves us, we set an example and give permission to the people around us to do the same for themselves. It takes courage, but it’ll be SO worth it.

I offer a safe and sacred container for you to explore your full potential, step into your power, and live the life of your wildest dreams. I believe that anything is possible for each and every one of us, and it’s time we created the world we truly want to live in. Imagine this is the backstage to your outrageously free and joyful life. I am here to hold you, celebrate you, remind you you have all the answers and superpowers you will ever need within you, to offer some structure or accountability where needed, and to witness your rise into the queen that you are.


My Journey:

For me, the journey began about four years ago, when I was 20. Sitting on the bedroom floor, depressed and exhausted from the emotional turmoil of going through huge family rupture, I realized for the first time in my life that I had no idea who I am, what my own voice sounds like, and what my Truth is. All of my life, for every choice I made or option I considered, big or small, I looked outside of myself for approval and direction. Literally from “should I eat this?” to, “should I think this?” and everything in between. This was an instinctual protective mechanism I developed to cope with a home environment that was embedded with unresolved ancestral and childhood traumas. However, on the bedroom floor that day, this realization came as a shock and broke my heart open. With this newfound awareness of my missing voice, I wrote a short letter to Little Lior, my first one ever, vowing to see her, hold her, protect her and support her as she expresses herself in the world however she wants.

“I celebrate and honor the fullest expression of myself and of those around me” – Lior Glogau

My journey since then has had many ups and downs, and there’s still a way to go. My biggest support at the beginning was my therapist, who provided me, for the first time in my life, with a space that was dedicated to “me” (I wasn’t sure what that even meant at first). This was a safe place to reflect, process, grieve, fear, rage, hope, and build myself into who I wanted to be. During this time I also listened religiously to Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday podcast, which introduced me to new thoughts, perspectives, and tools from teachers such as Marianne Williamson, Byron Katie, Echart Tolle, and Tich Nhat Hanh. I was also listening to endless Brene Brown content in this time and taking notes. These podcasts fired me up and gave me insight into what is possible in life. I have notebooks filled with notes and quotes that have become an integral part of me from this time that I carry with me today (I.e. one of my faves – “The most compassionate people have boundaries of steel.” – Brene Brown).

Throughout 2018 and ‘19 I also had the joy of travelling the world on and off, with friends and by myself, which was SO empowering. I ventured to Albania, Georgia (the country), Scotland, Hawaii, and French Polynesia. Seeing the world, getting to know who I was in a fresh environment, meeting new people and only doing exactly what I wanted to do (which is what happens when you travel solo) was the BEST. I hitchhiked, learned to trust strangers, and heard the stories of travellers fom all over the world from all backgrounds, experiences and ages. I got to stay in local family guesthouses and soak in local knowledge and traditions.
Most of all, I developed an incredible relationship with myself and an unwavering trust in my desires and my ability to “figure things out” as I find my way in the world. This was a true taste of freedom!

Next, moving to Arizona in 2019 for school, I got some much needed physical distance from the family drama and dense energy of home, which allowed me to slowly explore who I am when I have full space and independence to be me. School came with different stresses however, and I struggled to keep myself centered at all with the anxiety that nonstop deadlines and my desire to be the “perfect” student came with. And then, of course, in the spring semester of my first year COVID arrived and we transitioned to distance learning. The unending anxiety and struggle to stay connected to myself was choking me, and when the school year ended I decided to look for something that would ground me and keep me committed to check in with myself throughout my studies.

This led me to enroll in Jay Shetty’s Life Coaching Certification School in the summer of 2020. While this was a certification program, I was not yet at a place where I could see myself coaching others, but I was excited to learn the tools for myself and to have a program and process I was committed to. If I’m being honest though, while I was not in a place to be of service yet, I knew, deeply in my soul, that I am meant for something big. To lead, to transform, to inspire, to invoke the inner fire in others, and most of all, remind and remember that the Truth is inside every single one of us, and we need all people to reconnect to their truth and serve the world from that place so that we can create the MAGICAL world I know is possible.

So while in my undergrad studies for a BSc. in Conservation Biology and Ecology, I completed the coaching certification and accreditation. During this time I also dove into personal and spiritual development with intention and curiosity more than ever before. In the spring of 2021 I got to join Komala Rohde for Connecting to your Intuition Training which was a practical and empowering step for me in living life from my own inner knowing. Most recently I looooved taking part in Mamagena’s Virtual Pleasure Bootcamp of 2022 (this comes with a “Whoop whoop!”).

The journey of growth, healing, and liberation will be forever ongoing as it is a practice, but at this point in my journey I feel ready and excited to pay it forward.

This is my invitation to you to step into your power. To create the life of your wildest dreams that you know in your heart you are worthy of.

To dare.
To be.
To feel.
To heal.
To soften.

All of you is worthy, as you are, in this very moment. All of you is welcome in this space.

Do you dare to dream?

If this has resonated with you, let’s connect!