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Louise Barnett

  • Sobriety Life Coach

Louise Barnett

  • Sobriety Life Coach

I reveal A Radical Approach that helps you find the root cause behind your addictions and overcome Life’s Struggles effortlessly without riding the never-ending roller coaster of shame, disappointment and guilt.

At 33, in 2015, I thought it was over. Death became my fantasy. I didn’t know how to live, I didn’t know how to be a single mother to my 1 year old, I couldn’t breath and in the darkness of my addictions, I saw no way out. By the grace of God, my Father flew over from Africa to take care of my 1 year old daughter so I could (once again) check myself into a psychiatric in-patient facility.

After my release, and an official Bipolar and Borderline Personality diagnosis, I spent the better part of that decade scrupulously researching and understanding exactly who I was so that I could take action. I refused to live my life in fight or flight.

Through this work, I have stabilized my moods to reduce extremes in my behavior by restoring the balance of certain natural substances (neurotransmitters) in my brain. I discovered a superpower: Mental Toughness & Emotional Intelligence, which has given me effortless sobriety, mental freedom and peace.

Learning how to push through, not just run, hide, mask or numb changed the entire game.

  • I am mentally at peace
  • I am blissfully married
  • I am sober
  • I am a doting mother
  • I am financially thriving
  • I have confidence in myself like never before
  • I no longer fear failure
  • I am living in my passion & purpose

It is nothing short of a miracle.

Working together, I have the opportunity to duplicate the entire system I built with groups and individuals. People from all over the world are now using this same model to free themselves from alcohol and get into a better mental health state and turn their lives around and find freedom faster than ever before, all while eliminating mental roadblocks and negative thought patterns so they can focus on WHAT THEY WANT…

And best of all, you’ll be setting yourself up for success to do more and be more in your life.