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Lucy Lowther

  • Mindset Coach

Lucy Lowther

  • Mindset Coach

Hello! 🙂  I’m Lucy, a mindset coach to big dreamers and high-achievers. I see in you what you don’t yet see for yourself. I provide a safe space in which to untangle your thoughts and explore your mind, helping you to seek and gain clarity on what you most need – be it focus, freedom, purpose or productivity…

Does this sound familiar?

Do you thrive with the idea of a challenge?
Are you naturally creative and a big dreamer?
Do you value your freedom more than anything?
Do you feel like you should never show weakness?

Or perhaps…

Do you sometimes feel misunderstood?
Do you feel your highest potential has yet to shine?
Have you noticed patterns reoccur that are no longer serving you?
Are you dimming an aspect of yourself to not cast shadows over others?

Then I want to get to know you…

Now, a little about me –
I feel most inspired when exploring all the different aspects and stories that contribute to an individual’s uniqueness. I’m always curious to learn more and am fascinated by the life dynamics that drive and motivate us all.

Amongst my closest peers, I’m known as a calming presence, a trusted thinking partner with a non judgmental approach, a deep listener with a light energy. I help my clients find their voice, take risks, dare to be courageous and seek their freedom. I do this by peeling back the layers of their mind, holding the space for true authenticity to emerge. When this happens and the light bulbs come on, the rest is magic!