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Lucy Lowther

  • Mindset Coach

Lucy Lowther

  • Mindset Coach

Hello! 🙂 I’m Lucy, a coach and consultant to big dreamers and curious leaders. I see in you what you don’t yet see for yourself. I hold a belief that life is created. Nothing is impossible. And when people want an updated vision for their life, creative projects or career, they call me.

Does this sound familiar?

Do you thrive with the idea of a challenge?
Are you naturally creative and a big dreamer?
Do you value your freedom more than anything?
Do you feel you’ve always been a little different to your peers?

Or perhaps…

Do you sometimes feel misunderstood?
Do you feel your highest potential has yet to shine?
Are you on a mission to make a difference in this world?

Most importantly, Are you ready to create a vision so big, it might scare you a little?

Then I want to get to know you…

A little about me –

Amongst my closest peers and clients, I’m known as a calming presence, a trusted thinking partner with a non judgmental approach, a deep listener with a light energy.

I value my independence and freedom more than anything. But in the past, these very things have caused me my deepest pain. I understand what it feels like to disconnect with a certain part of yourself, to feel lost, purpose-less, or like you’re meant for more. I’ve always refused to settle for conformity and have always gone after my own visions for the way I want to live.

This belief that “there must be another way” has driven me my whole life. I call this my creativity. My problem solving hat. Nothing is impossible if you’re willing to do the work on yourself to get there.

If this sounds like you too, let’s talk.