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Manica Hauptman

  • Alignment & Mindset Life Coach

Manica Hauptman

  • Alignment & Mindset Life Coach

I work as a mindset life coach helping clients to uncover their authentic lives based on their true self and discovering freedom in being unapologetically who they are.

I am also coaching small groups on fitness, wellness and innate wellbeing, especially women who have been stuck in low confidence and self-esteem patterns, struggling with their body image. It is deep transformative work, challenging our thoughts, emotions, needs and habits, discovering hidden patterns, limiting beliefs and causes of self-sabotage, but above all who you are and how to live in alignment with your truth. It is not about diets and workouts, but about transforming the mindset to discover your innate wellbeing and inner confidence. This process will change you and open your life to new possibilities and opportunities in absolutely all areas of your life.

I use different coaching techniques in my work and I also incorporate breath exercise, meditation and yoga if a client so desires.

Location: London, UK,

Working over zoom & walking coaching (locally)


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