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Manica Hauptman

  • Transition Coach

I am a certified life coach and yoga teacher helping my clients to transition in their career & business or/and in their private life with my signature self-mastery coaching program.

I hold MSc in Politics and International Relations and I was working for international organisations for 20 years, moving countries and continents many times before opening my life coaching and teaching practice.

Yoga is an integral part of my life and I have a daily morning practice that I would not swap for the world. It is also integral part of my coaching, including breath work and meditation.

I am in awe of nature and I enjoy all forms of movement. I value authenticity, justice, kindness, and above all freedom. I am still learning how to be braver, face fear and how to embrace uncertainty in life. I am a mum, a wife, an expat, a traveller and a dog owner. I am also a friend to many and consistently trying to be my own best friend.

I currently live in the UK, I am Slovenian and I offer coaching in English, Slovenian, Croatian and German with sessions mostly over zoom or the phone. I also do “walking coaching” locally.