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Maria Calderon

  • Purpose & Mindfulness Coach

Maria Calderon

  • Purpose & Mindfulness Coach

My name is Maria Calderon and if you are reading this, is absolutely no coincidence, we are all connected and I am honored that you found me. As a Jay Shetty Mindfulness Coach, my mission is to help you embrace mindfulness as a natural habit, sharing strategies and techniques to practice it on your daily life, and together unveil the joy, fulfillment and purpose that already lies within you. 

By practicing awareness and compassion, and combining coaching sessions with positive psychology, I will help you reduce stress, uncertainty, negative thoughts, self-sabotaging, and instead, you will increase your self-confidence; acknowledge and appreciate the present moment; accept, embrace and learn from your feelings, thoughts and body sensations, as well as feel more grounded, peaceful and aligned to your true and highest self.

In a world full of screens, stress, fear and distractors, give yourself a chance to make peace with yourself, with your past, with your environment. Learn from it, embrace the present moment and look towards the future with inspiration and faith. I will help you all along the way to fulfill whatever goal you have envisioned, while you walk through this new journey of purpose and self-discovery.

To book a free Discovery Call, visit my Instagram profile (soon, also on my website It will be my pleasure to work with you.