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Marwa Nasser Metzler

  • Life & Empowerment Coach

Marwa Nasser Metzler

  • Life & Empowerment Coach

Trauma, injustice, hardships & limitations- we all experience them in some form, but we also all possess the power within us to heal, transform & create our own identity in order for us to contribute to promote peace & equality. The journey starts from within!

In my coaching, I help my clients tap into their inner sacred power, activate their resources & align the body and soul in order to birth their true identity. By building that inward bridge, clients will be able to disconnect from the old self and re-connect with the new self creating the life they envision manifesting the peace & joy they crave & seek.

My intention is to empower people living cross-culturally, who are seeking to cultivate a leadership mindset away from the victim mentality. I follow an intuitive, holistic approach integrating positive psychology with embodiment, bridging science with spirituality to raise awareness, release judgment, challenge cultural limiting beliefs so that my clients can embrace their newly emerged aligned identity.

Hi, my name is Marwa. I am a Christian- Palestinian woman, married for 20 years to a talented and dashing Austrian pipe organ builder. Also, I am a grateful mother of two fun teenage boys. I have been living in Austria since the Spring 2010.

I have a Bachelor’s degree of Theology in Christian Education from Beirut, Lebanon, a Masters degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from Tacoma, WA & most recently earned my certification, as a Life & Success Coach from the Jay Shetty Certification School. I’m also an avid Pilates instructor and fan since 2013.

My earthly identity guaranteed a narrative woven by threads of trauma, but also paradoxically, provided an incredibly rich soil & birthplace for my resilience & empowerment. I am so fortunate to do what I am passionate about!

I offer coaching in Arabic, English & German and describe myself as someone with an Arabic heart, a German mind and an American spirit. If this resonates with you, I invite you to contact me to have a discovery call and see where that would take us. I look forward to empowering you to

step into your vision.


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