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Matty Adams

  • Artist Empowerment Coach

Matty Adams

  • Artist Empowerment Coach

Somewhere between dreaming and living, I got lost. Following what I thought was my purpose, I became a successful dance music journalist in Ibiza. Along the way, I got caught up in the nostalgia. Interviewing the world’s biggest artists, partying at the most renowned events across Europe, I lost sight of who I was and the gift I had been blessed with.

From what felt like being in a movie in the summers, my winters felt like a horror story on repeat. A prisoner of my mind, my substance abuse consumed my thoughts with fear, doubt and excuses. My seasons in Ibiza came to a grinding halt in 2019 when I contemplated suicide. I overlooked a balcony at a festival in Romania and almost ended it all.

No matter how much I talked about wanting to change my situation, I didn’t. Breaking down in tears later that year, I released the weight of my mind to the world. I took a long, hard look at the man I saw staring back at me in the mirror and decided, enough was enough.

The summer of 2020 approached and the pandemic struck. I wasn’t able to return to Ibiza, so instead I prioritised my mental health. Inspired by Jay Shetty, I exchanged escapism for presence and mindlessness for mindfulness and in an instant, my life changed.

Beginning my journey within, I started to face my fears and confront my demons. Changing my script, I started to connect with my gift again and the narrative of the stories I once told myself began shifting.

The result? Your boy is now a JAY SHETTY CERTIFIED LIFE & SUCCESS COACH and the best part about it all? I get to empower others to build their confidence muscle too.

My message to the world? RAW IS MORE.

Raw Is More… it is who you are – the signature on your soul, and being able to trust your intuition no matter what. This helps you live the life you have always desired, empowered in your own choices and in alignment with your true, authentic being.

With all my experience in the music industry, I  know how it feels to authentically be in your element one moment, and then feel isolated alone and helpless the next. I’m here to help you build the confidence necessary to be in your unapologetic element every single day.

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