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Maxine Tolbert

  • Life and Success Mindset Coach
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Maxine Tolbert

  • Life and Success Mindset Coach

Hello, my name is Maxine Tolbert. I am a Jay Shetty Certified Life and Success coach specializing in Mindset coaching. I am also a member of the AC working towards my accreditations. I am UK born and immigrated to the USA by marrying into the USAF. I have had many life-transformations so change no longer scares me. I now reside in Florida, and I coach globally online.

I am an experienced human and life-long self-improvement student. I am also an Ex-35+ year corporate executive. As such I bring much personal and professional experience to the table.

I left the corporate world behind a few years ago. Now I coach people struggling with frustration manifesting through unfulfilled expectations. I am passionate about reducing personal suffering through the burdens we place upon ourselves.

I help professional people reconnect with who they are at their core and reset their lives, so they become confident decision makers and lead more successful and fulfilled lives. Honestly, that life “reset” applies to many.

Navigating life well is all about the various aspects of self-perception. I help my clients explore theirs to the deepest levels so they may understand themselves better, but more importantly, they identify, test, then use those innate strengths to re-build an improved guiding compass and success measuring stick. With these new tools and perspective mindset shifts, they reset their life’s course and transform it, confidently making it a better place to live.

I have many coaching idols; Jay Shetty being my most influential mentor and teacher. My most profound shift in coaching intent and style was inspired by Marcia Reynolds. My own personal growth came from reconnecting with my born growth mindset; thankyou; Carole S Dweck for that insight.

My personal definition of coaching is summed up in this phrase: “Clarity and Insight inspires deliberate action that leads to meaningful change.” Guiding others along that path is now my passion and purpose.


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