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Miriam Nolte

  • Self Empowerment Coach

Miriam Nolte

  • Self Empowerment Coach

Have you ever had the impression that you live in a thought prison? 

We are all trapped by our belief system that often limits us, or by the fear of being judged by the outside world. 

You are one step ahead compared to most people as you are interested in your personal development, seeking to achieve your goals and craving freedom of choice! When we are guided by our autopilot beliefs and patterns by our subconscious mind there is no choice. The first step is to become aware of these unconscious programs we think and act by.

We all have our personal intelligence, our individual wisdom and huge potential for health, wealth, connectedness, joy and wellbeing within us, but we tend to forget about it with all the noise around us.

When I coach you it is all about YOU and your life journey! I create a safe space full of trust and without judgement, listening deeply to you and seeking to understand. You do not need more information, but less noise and more space to listen to yourself and I will guide you to GUIDE YOURSELF towards your goals. Nobody can empower you, but yourself. I hold space for your realisations. 

I listen to you with empathy, but I might call you out and challenge you with uncomfortable questions. I AM HERE TO SERVE YOU, not to please you. You do not have to answer my questions as it is always you in the driver seat in the coaching process, but no growth without growing pains. You are the expert of your life and have all the solutions inside of you. I cannot advise you or tell you what to do, but guide you to your self-discovery and self-responsibility.

Are you willing to get uncomfortable, challenge your comfort zone, and take the control back into your own hands?

When you are able to unlock and reclaim your inner wisdom  and block out the noise, you can achieve your goals, gain confidence and feel energetic and full of life. 

Discovering your blind spots gives you the power to change and move forward. What makes us feel alive, vibrant and full of energy is just this: change and growth. You can see it in nature: it is all about transformation and change. A little seed has all the potential inside to become a majestic tree. We are part of this magic! A standstill makes us feel stuck. 

A bit about myself: I was born and raised in Germany, graduated in business administration and worked for more than 20 years in the corporate world in marketing and sales in Germany and Spain and then revamped my life after some health challenges of my daughters and myself. I did a yoga teacher training, dived into the wisdom of Ayurveda and learned a lot about everything holistic. I realized how much our innermost belief system guides us unconsciously and that 

awareness is the basis for our growth when I became a certified Jay Shetty coach in March 2022. My holistic approach towards coaching takes into account the trinity of body, mind and soul and that it is all connected.

I am a life-long learner and currently I am fascinated by Rudolf Steiner’s wisdom.

After having lived 18 years in Spain with my husband and three daughters we moved to Central America and lived two years in Panama. In 2021 we decided to move to Costa Rica, where I value to be in nature close to the Pacific Ocean. My purpose is to serve others helping them to start living their conscious lives. No I don’t have it all figured out, but yes I put in the work every day. 

My coaching is simple. I show up, I come with a blank canvas, I bring my presence and energy, I stay curious, and I serve my clients. 

Everyone is whole, complete, and resourceful and with the help of a life coach to be your mirror and hold space, transformation accelerates.  I coach you in ENGLISH, GERMAN or SPANISH.



Coaching with Miriam really worked for me. Miriam made me dig deep inside and see things I usually don’t allocate time for. I was given space to express myself and that made me ask more accurate questions about important things. After each session I felt a bit liberated from confusing believes I had and motivated to take positive and effective action.
– Pawel

Miriam’s coaching helped me clarify my goals and reorganize my life according to my values. I started the coaching sessions because I did not feel in tune with the way I was living my life. Miriam helped me to take a step back, analyse the situation, identify my needs and set up a new routine. Thanks to her, I managed to change my mindset which has transformed the way I lead my life. I have gained more clarity and I focus my energy on the right actions. Miriam’s coaching was benevolent and sharp, she gave me useful practical tips and analytical tools. I am much better organized, feel less overwhelmed and above all more aligned and empowered. I now use my energy mindfully and live my life according to my true priorities. I definitely recommend Miriam for her insightful coaching and am looking forward to do more sessions with her in the future.
– Dounia


Are you ready to do the work. Yes, it takes commitment and work to transform…. If you are not committed to change, do not call me! If you are ready to grow and escape your thought prison, schedule a POWERFUL and FREE 60 min coaching conversation with me to explore together how I can help you to go for your dreams and find freedom and choice. The best investment is the one in yourself!