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Mirjam Blank

  • Emotions and Energy Coach
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Mirjam Blank

  • Emotions and Energy Coach

Well, you know how there are so many people who have taken on extra care of their entrusted ones, next to work and family? Taken on so much responsibilities, till all that’s left of them is a pale shadow of who they used to be?

Hi, I’m Mirjam Blank head at mirjamblank’s Uniquely You. Uncover Yourself! where I help high performing care takers from all over the world, who feel exhausted, anxious and frustrated understand what’s draining their energy and consuming their driving force. Of not being able to do something for themself, cause life is extremely hectic and requires their full attention: work, family, and their entrusted ones.

Are you asking yourself as well, how did I end up here? I want to thrive not just dedicate to everyone around me. Where is the person that I once was? Laughing, strong and feisty, feeling calm and light?

Whether you want to feel lively, active and vibrant, or your inner serenity, ease and lightness — your high performance, determination, and discipline once again …one thing is clear — it’s definitively not feeling worn-out, agitated and drive-less all the time. Not getting your things done how you used to. Second guessing your decisions. Worrying why you can’t overcome this. Having become this pale shadow of who you used to be.

I know this matters to you because you want to take back control of your life. I know that how you’re living at the moment is not working for you. You might think it’s not do-able cause things would need to be turned upside down, there is not enough time, or it’s simply not for you, cause you won’t have this luck like others do.

But you don’t need a Wand, More Time or Luck.


That’s what I help high performing care takers do: Find internal clarity first. Re-igniting their driving force, and reclaiming their control, to be the confident performer that they are, without making a dramatic 180-degree turn.

Are you ready to become the calm, confident and happy person that you once were
and have control back over your life?

Then, let’s get to know each other!

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