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Miroslawa Warszawski

  • Life Coach

Miroslawa Warszawski

  • Life Coach

Miroslawa Warszawski (Mira)

The Jay Shetty Certified Life and Success Coach, Entrepreneur, 3 x bestselling co-author

Mira lives in London with her family which is in the heart of everything she does. Her calling is to empower others through fearless coaching, inspirational writing, and peace promotion. She works closely with the Rainbow Letters to Mother Earth project in the UK and with the World Institute for Peace in Nigeria.

She is passionate about helping others to find a courage within so they can discover and follow their boldest desires. She has compassion, empathy, and ability to listen to others with no judgement.

Mira has been awarded the Inspirational Woman of the Year award during the Powerhouse Global Summit/ Awards in May 2022 and recognized as a difference maker.

She is completely certain that you can achieve everything, what you are able of achieving, taking one step at a time.