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Mital Patel

  • Life & Success Coach

Are you a parent who is tired of yelling? Are you fatigued over sibling fights? Are you exhausted from constant whining and complaining? Are you irritated from constant time-outs? Are you worn out due to constant anger and aggression? Mainly, are you displeased of your own conflicts?  If so, then let’s connect and rise together.

Mital Patel is a Conscious Parent Coach, a mum, Ayurveda (holistic wellness) enthusiast, and an advocate of conscious living. She is passionate about serving conscious parenting solutions that help parents overcome daily challenges like sibling rivalry, tantrums, disagreements, etc and feel in-charge of their family life. She wants to share how healing their inner child can better their relationship with their children.

People spend majority of their time parenting and building a career!  This leads them to spend most of their time “maintaining” their fast pace, stressful and complex lives, and so they often neglect to heal their inner child, who needs to be taken care of in order to raise the consciousness of their family.

Mital’s mission is to Help One Parent Everyday (H.O.P.E). She wants to inspire parents to overcome stress and let loose to feel blissful, have a peaceful state of mind, experience clarity, and balance work and life in order to connect with their children throughout their parenting journey.

Mital has a personal testimony about how lack of connection and childhood trauma can lead to substance abuse and depression, which branch into many more issues.  Hence, she guides parents to raise children that are well-equipped with the necessary tools so that they avoid getting going towards such negative routes of life. She believes in building stronger childhood than repairing broken adulthood.

In her conscious parenting journey, Mital has discovered that it is not about forcing the growth but facilitating the environment and she wants to share this foundation with fellow parents as well. Mital is eager to guide you and provide you with the suitable resources to create the best environment for your children and family at home.

Mital firmly believes that there is no ‘one size fits all‘ approach to life; she believes every parent is unique, every child is unique and everyone’s journey is unique. And so, the solution has to be unique! Her approach is simple and unique:  meet the client in their journey and accept them for who they are, wholeheartedly and start walking with them. She offers a sacred space for her clients!