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Nancy Brans

  • Transformative Holistic Life Coach

Nancy Brans

  • Transformative Holistic Life Coach

Glad you found your way to my profile. Welcome in my practice “Going inside outside”.

Coaching for me is creating a genuine and compassionate conversation with another human being that holds space for true transformations.

I’m a Transformative Holistic Life Coach with a practice outside in nature that I started creating in 2017 and Online coaching sessions with me as certified Jay Shetty Life coach. My area of specialization is healthy relationships & communication, a centered life, in balance with nature.

Holistic means that I believe that the client is whole and resourceful, I believe that nature contains all intelligence, and we are part of nature. I believe that awareness of the balance between body & mind is an important source of information.

I specialize myself in transforming lives. More specifically I like to help centering people in their relations at work, school, private with friends and family or romantic relations.

I do my coaching outside, but I have a safe sheltered space when it rains. I have this beautiful estate with a garden, a forest, and animals as a safe place for my coaching practice. You enter a whole different world “outside” where you easily can go “inside”.

My clients are looking for coaching how to rebuild boundaries, to learn how to self-champion and learn to assert yourself. The most important is to assert your authenticity / freedom / independency.

Most of my sessions are walk & talk.

In our video calls you will be able to experience calm and peace in the live background.

Contact me to book your discovery session by phone 0032 497 23 52 07 or write an e-mail to