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Natasha Jesus

  • Relationship and Family Coach

Natasha Jesus

  • Relationship and Family Coach

Are you feeling frustrated, disappointed, confused, insecure, isolated, lonely, or guilty? 

Is it leading you towards having constant arguments, pretending that everything is okay, pushing hard to please everyone, striving for perfection….?

But instead, all you need is to be understood, loved, supported, trusted, heard, and seen.

Yes, I am a recovering people pleaser. It took me a long time to admit that I wasn’t good at managing my energy and protecting my boundaries. 

It’s time to make taking care of you a bigger priority.

I know the feeling of not knowing where to start on your healing journey. Reach out if you would like some guidance.  

I’m excited to share this space with you and grateful that you are interested in me being your guide.

Reach out to me via email