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Nidhi Batra

  • Anxiety Coach

Nidhi Batra

  • Anxiety Coach

Hello! Hello!! I am a certified Life & Anxiety coach. I help women overcome anxiety so they can lead a productive, joyful & balanced life.

My passion and purpose is to serve & make world a better place. Time & again women have proved to be an inspiration & have had unimaginable careers & have excelled in all arenas of life — be it a scientist, a home maker, governance and/or an entrepreneur yet anxiety is more common in females than males. According to the survey done by Singlecare, “One in 5 females reported anxiety symptoms starting in childhood (5 to 12 years old) whereas males most commonly noticed symptoms in adulthood.” There are many historical accounts of women warriors defending their homes, people & country. Women provide foundation of grace, power, creativity, hope, wisdom & yet we live in the time where it is hard for many to conceive or designate women to such authority. This is the sad truth and my mission is to inspire & uplift women to discover what’s important in their life on their path to freedom & joy.

Loosing my father in 2018 gave me big jolt and put me in a state of bewilderment making me depressed, stressed and anxious causing immense fear of losing my loved ones & being alone. For this reason I dug deeper in my self embarking on the journey of self-love & happiness. Hence finding my true purpose & passion. Becoming a coach helped me help raise that awareness in others. I designed and implemented my coaching GOAL tool with one goal in mind: to inspire, uplift & to help discover what’s important in peoples’ life on their path to freedom & joy with the intention of discovering self-love & focus.

Being a wife, mother & entrepreneur I have learnt to juggle & balance between the two. Balancing life between the two is quite challenging but not impossible. Working together with my clients we identify goals while focusing on deep, intrinsic values & beliefs. My strength is coaching people navigate & challenge through feelings, emotions, transitions bringing transformation for life combined with awareness. Being mindful, healthy lifestyle, connecting with self, are just some of the traits my clients learn. My personal interest in spirituality in turn help others focus, reflect, and refine their lives. The world needs more women as leaders, be decision-makers, follow their passion & commitment towards career and/or family as they aptly say if you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family.

So, what are you waiting for?! You are just a click away to transformed & fulfilled life. Let’s connect & talk!!


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