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Niki Reeves

  • Life, Health, and Wellness Coach

Niki Reeves

  • Life, Health, and Wellness Coach

“There comes a day when you realize turning the page is the best feeling in the world because you realize there is so much more to the book than the page you were stuck on.” Zayn Malik

It is a journey to learn to build and trust your values, set boundaries, find balance and to let go of guilt.  To let go of tying your identity to your career or other people. To let go of the need to be running at 100 miles per hour for everyone but yourself.  Whether it is personally or professionally, many of us find ourselves in this hamster wheel that defines our success by what others see or think of us.

Life is too short to remain stuck revisiting the chapters of our past or working our fingers to the bone as a way of defining success.  Seize the moment to follow your passion, do something that matters to you, and write your next chapter.

As Naeem Callaway says, “Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life”.

I know this is how it happened for me.   I have many times found myself at a precipice.  Recently, it was a big life shift that started with a series of much smaller steps.  I had lost my sense of self-worth in a 16-year relationship that had no hope of being saved and my professional role that I loved shifted and the work became less purposeful.  Both of which defined much of who I was in my mind.  I found myself moving twice in a 5-month timeframe, amidst a global pandemic, and I struggled to find balance while faced with the pain of loss and the guilt of letting myself and others down.

This is when I invested in myself in the right way.  As a life-long learner, this was not a new concept for me, yet took an intentional mindset shift. I was able to remind myself of the work I had been doing for many years that would allow me to show up with grit, resiliency, and especially compassion.  My focus over the last 18 years has been in sales and influential leadership development practices that are grounded in emotional intelligence.  Human behavior and understanding preferences have intrigued me my entire life. I completed Dale Carnegie’s Effective Communications and Human Relations course in 2012, I was certified as a human behavior specialist in 2018 and proudly achieved my life coach certification through the Jay Shetty Certification School in April of 2021.  I read, listen to podcasts, and continue to build my skills everyday with the intent to remain curious and find ways to empower myself and others.  My mentors are Jay Shetty, Brene Brown, Adam Grant, and Simon Sinek to name just a few.

As a result of my 2020 experiences, I went inward to discover the truth about myself, my traumas, and why I landed where I was in the moment. I leaned into my tribe of friends and found even stronger relationships in the vulnerability. I set intentional goals that pushed me well outside my comfort zone and I achieved every last one of them. I took the time necessary to focus on me, my values, my boundaries, and what I genuinely wanted out of life. This was not easy.  I had to admit things about myself I did not want to see. I completed a course that allowed me to rebuild my self-worth and I left the excuses behind.  I will no longer compromise what matters most to me.  I filed for divorce, bought my own condo, got healthy in mind and body, and set out to design the life of my dreams. The newfound experience inspires me to be a better life coach. I gained my certification in light of and in gratitude for my challenges and started my own company.  I am stronger because of it all.

A friend so graciously commented to me, “I love the way you journey.” I am humbled and grateful to have found my way to my purpose. As a mom of three beautiful children, twin girls and one son, I want them to look at me with pride and inspiration.  I want them and others to feel empowered by my story and to find their way to their own best lives.

Are you ready to explore why you feel stuck personally or professionally?  Are you ready to physically, mentally, and emotionally prepare for the next chapter in your life?  I am here for those ready to grow and invest in themselves; those committed to going deeper who are willing to recognize obstacles including past, present, and future. For those ready to break free of internal and external forces that have seeped into a less desirable definition of your identity.  Are you ready to find gratitude and peace? Do you seek to find self-compassion through your self-worth that is aligned with your unique values and thoughtful, intentional boundaries?

Your journey can start now with a complimentary discovery call that can be scheduled by emailing me at