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Nikolay Dobrovolskiy

  • WingWave and Successful Life Coach

Nikolay Dobrovolskiy

  • WingWave and Successful Life Coach

Hi! My name is Nikolay Dobrovolskiy and I am a professional business trainer and a certified Wingwave and Life coach.

I help my clients to:

  1. Formulate and structure desired personal and career/business goals
  2. Identify areas of growth and pinpoint what is missing right now
  3. Rewrite negative attitudes that prevent one from achieving their goals (for more details about WINGWAVE, DM me, I will provide more info)
  4. Achieve their goals with my support and enjoy their lives

What a client gets after our sessions:

  1. Clarity of wishes and desires
  2. An Impulse to make changes in both business and private spheres. 
  3. Improvements Action plan for long-term period

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