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Olga Ginetulina

  • Purpose and Confidence Coach
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Olga Ginetulina

  • Purpose and Confidence Coach

If you ever asked yourself what is your purpose in life, I know how it feels; I have been there. My story is an endless search for my true self, my vocation, and my purpose in life.

I changed many professions, traveled the world, lived in different places, opened my own business, asked so many questions to the Universe, and only when I stopped and looked deep into myself, I have found the answers.

I can’t magically solve all your problems!

But, with all the knowledge I have gained from the most successful and happiest people on this planet, I can teach you how to deal with them. Jay Shetty Certification School allowed me to become your guide in this fantastic journey of your life purpose and confidence.

Through coaching, exercises, and ongoing self-improvement, we will learn how the habit of gratitude can be more than just a concept; it can strengthen your immune system and improve your health, with meditations we can calm your emotions and help you learn to hear yourself and develop intuition.

Together we will go on the journey to look for your actual goals, self-confidence, and realization of your deepest desires!

Please contact me by email or book your first session with me on my website, your first session is FREE!