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Philip Airson

  • Life Coach

Philip Airson

  • Life Coach

Are you a passionate individual who feels stuck in a rut?

Do you find yourself repeating the same negative patterns with mindset, physical and mental health and self limiting beliefs?

Are you not fully showing up in your relationships?

Four years ago….. I was the KING of this! Always there in body but never truly showing up as myself.

I sat in my tailored suit, in my private office, looking at a picture of my ideal family. When I breathe it feels HEAVY. It was a far shot from stacking shelves at midnight in the supermarket, serving nachos at the cinema, performing stand up comedy and being a travelling musician…even the circus! I had done it all!

I had worked 16 years for all of this. My parents always said “Work is something you do, it’s not supposed to be something you enjoy you just do it” I took that to heart not just in work but LIFE had now become something I just did.

I had worked 16 years in high finance, traveled the world but I always felt lost and disconnected from my life. I didn’t belong, I was out of place in MY LIFE! Something felt wrong and one day I decided I WAS WORTH MORE. I was going to not just make a change but a TRANSFORMATION! I ditched the job I had wanted to ditch in the first week of my 16 years and I chose to do work I enjoy… on MYSELF.

This is what I have discovered on my journey:
1- How to show up POWERFULLY as my authentic self – Building bullet proof confidence and sense of self.
2- Being PRESENT everyday – Switching on that light behind the eyes that was off too long, clearing any fog and learning to LOVE and LIVE each day to the fullest.
3- Make CONCRETE life decisions – Making them from a place of self certainty. Building a crystal clear vision of my future.
4- BAD HABITS – Weeding out what is the cause of the habits and self limiting beliefs keeping me stuck, replacing them with habits that serve me and come naturally now.
5- MOTIVATIONAL ROCKET FUEL – Creating perpetual momentum and becoming unstoppable. Removing any blocks to your success.

I want you to know all this because I want you to know I HAVE GOT YOU. I know what it’s like and most importantly I know how to change it.

If this resonates with you, let’s see if we can work together to create a better life for a better you. It is time you finally committed to your own transformation.

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