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Pin Cher

  • Personal Development & Career Coach

Pin Cher

  • Personal Development & Career Coach

Hi, I am Pin Cher and thank you for the taking the first step to start creating the life and career you truly desire and deserve.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re a high achiever: smart, talented, motivated. You maybe have a successful career, delivering high quality work, and making a difference to your clients.

BUT deep down, you feel like something is not quite right, something is missing. You’d love to feel more meaning and fulfilment and passion in your job. OR MAYBE YOU’VE REACHED A PLATEAU OR A BIG DECISION POINT, AND YOU’RE UNSURE EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT NEXT FROM YOUR CAREER. Making a change feels overwhelming, and sometimes you’re not even sure what the next step would be anyway, so you struggle to take action to make your dream a reality. You wish you didn’t feel so lost and confused.


Imagine a career where you wake up on Monday morning looking forward to going to work.

You don’t have that sinking feeling in your stomach on Sunday evenings. You’re not dragging yourself through the week, just hanging on for the weekend.

Whether you’re an employee or an entrepreneur, you spend your days doing work that inspires and energises you, and aligns with your values. You’re free to be you, and you use your natural talents and strengths at work every day.

You come home feeling fulfilled and, outside of work, have enough energy to have fun and be the person you want to be with your family and friends. You love living on purpose rather than drifting along, being carried in the direction someone else (your employer, your parents, society…) has set for you.

I know this because I was you. I’ve realized over time that I had sort of fallen into my roles and I didn’t love it, I felt uninspired and found little meaning and purpose in my work. So I slowly began to feel stuck, disengaged and disconnected and becoming very drained, frustrated and unhappy. As I further peeled the onion of preconceived notions and social expectation I held about my career and life over the next couple of years, everything changed for me. Now I am working in a career that fully feeds my soul and heart.

And my mission is now to help you to create a meaningful career that is in alignment with your true purpose, so that it will bring you happiness, joy, purpose and fulfilment, too.


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