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Priscilla Barrios

  • Women’s Empowerment Coach

Priscilla Barrios

  • Women’s Empowerment Coach


My name is Priscilla , it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m happy that you got here, because you and only you, know all that you’ve been through to get where you are today, and I want to congratulate you. YES, I might not known you yet, but I do know that if you are here, you are choosing to grow, to be the best version of yourself, to improve your life, and because of that I’ll say again:

Congratulations, for choosing to grow and to work towards achieving your goals and making your dreams come true, because you deserve it.

For almost a decade I was challenged time after time by life, I went to several hardships until I finally hit rock bottom, and at that time I was faced with two options, #1- I could either stay there and be forever looking up to the life I wished I had, or #2- I could choose to climb up and have all the love, care, respect, fulfillment and success we all deserve. I guess you already know which option I choose, right! That day I decided to invest in my family, my career and at that moment I started my self development journey. After a Short period I started experiencing so many blessings that I could have ever imagined, I was waking up feeling motivated to work towards my goals, to create the life I’d love.

Through Coaching I found my sense of purpose, and being able to go through this process together with the other person, to presence all the transformations that happen is incredible, and because of that facilitating growth is now my life’s purpose, and if you will, I would love to help in your journey and celebrate all your new successes with you. May I?


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