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Rajeshwari L

  • Life Coach and Relationship Coach

Rajeshwari L

  • Life Coach and Relationship Coach

I am a Jay Shetty Certified Life & Success Coach.

I am an Accredited Professional Member for Human Process Lab (past 20 years) from Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Science, Delhi (ISABS -50 years old Organization).

I held the position of Regional Coordinator and Dean Publications in the Board and presently in the Social Development Committee.

I am also an Accredited MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) Administrator/ Assessor.

Laboratory training (T-Group training) for Organisations

I have experience in conducting Experiential Behavioural Training Workshops in these areas since 2004.

– Self-Awareness
– Personal Effectiveness
– Effective Communication
– Inter-personal Relationship
– Team Building
– Meaningful Conversations

These programs through experiencing and experimenting have a behavioural impact and a paradigm shift giving opportunities to groups and individuals to move towards a functional change.

Social Development sector & Educational Institutions

– Workshops for families and parents of marginalized communities.
– Empowerment workshop for widows of war veterans.
– T-Group workshops with students and Professionals of Educational Institutions
– Organizational Development and Capacity Building work for Educational Institutions.


My work and personal experience in Life has always been in Relation with people. As a trainer, Mentor and a Coach, I have experienced and understood human behaviour, relationship and groups in great depth. This will benefit me to a large extent in my Coaching career and building a niche for myself in Relationship coaching.