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Raquel Rivera

  • Self-love & Self-care Coach

Raquel Rivera

  • Self-love & Self-care Coach

Hi, I’m Raquel! I am the founder of The Healthy Habit Bootcamp™ and owner of Raquel Rose Coaching LLC. I teach my clients how to transform their lives by putting themselves first and building healthy habits.

Today I can confidently tell you: building healthy habits is as essential as ever. Not only will it help you become happier and healthier but you’ll be able to do it without procrastinating or continuously falling off track.

You’ll finally become the disciplined version of yourself that you know exists. No taking 1 step forward and 2 steps backwards. Just a clear, step-by-step process you can start following immediately.

Inside the The Healthy Habit Bootcamp™, I teach you how to experience wild success with building healthy habits so you can see how good it feels to put yourself first and build a healthy life.

Because of my teachings, my clients have been able to prioritize themselves, build habits that help them heal and transform, and feel happier and healthier everyday.

If you are looking for personal coaching, I also work with clients 1 on 1. I set my personal clients up with a custom plan tailored to their needs and personal circumstances.

I help my clients remove the blocks that tell them they are not worthy of taking time for themselves and putting themselves first.

By the end of the coaching calls, you leave a more confident, positive and empowered version of you.

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