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Riquina Rodrigues

  • Purpose and Empowerment Coach

Riquina Rodrigues

  • Purpose and Empowerment Coach

Please let me invite you to your life journey.

Give yourself the permission to discover who you are, to discover your authentic and real self.

Take off all the layers of dust and let your light, your happiness and your true purpose rise and shine through your life.

We are all facing challenges in life and walking day in and out with our fears, our guilt limiting beliefs and insecurities through life. This life walk usually occurs subconsciously, as this is how we are “trained”. No one of us is “safe” to this emotions and feelings.

Please, STOP waiting for permission or making excuses and start living your life you truly want and deserve. You have only this life to live – the real time is now.

My mission is to bring you and your life back into joy and balance.

I am grateful to support, help and serve ladies to discover themselves and their real values.

I personally went from a corporate global project manager job in a global IT company back to school, to various healing, mediumship and coaching schools. I quit my job as it was for me not the right way/path any longer nor did it reflect my values. It was time to move one, to step up for myself and to live my real and authentic life and purpose. This journey took me at this moment 10 years and now I am here to help, to serve and to empower beautiful heroes on their journey.

Life is Gratitude
Life is Love
Life is Happiness

My name is Riquina Rodrigues and the Founder of Life Balanz. I´m a Healer and Purpose&Empowerment Coach.