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Roderic Chabot

  • Upgrade Coach

Roderic Chabot

  • Upgrade Coach

My craft as a coach is to facilitate and collaborate with exceptional human beings like you who are seeking to upgrade and illuminate the path to an extraordinary and fulfilling life, on your terms.You have the potential to be the maestro of your time on earth because as you know, our time here is limited and there will never be a better moment to live a fulfilled life than now.

Be inspired to take action and experience the power of coaching and you won’t have to live another day wishing and hoping for things to change.

In January 2021 my life collapsed. I was a physical and mental mess who had everything; two beautiful, healthy kids, a beautiful, loving partner and a senior position at a big publisher that paid six figures. I had material wealth and a nice car but I was unravelling from accumulated years of feeling lost, unmotivated and feeding deep-rooted fears that always would overwhelm and stop me from taking action.

I lost my job two days after the event but it was without knowing it, the beginning of what saved my life.

I was lost, anxious and in debt and applied for any type of work that had good pay and benefits. I caught myself wishing and hoping with crossed fingers that things would somehow work out all while feeling dark.

One morning, without warning, something in me snapped and it all came together. I was reading a book on personal development that spoke to me in such a way, that although I was feeling empty, it connected the dots to my past and present that I had long forgotten about. Little did I know that the journey to becoming the best version of myself and upgrading my life was about to begin right there and then.

The universe that morning sent me a signal and I was open to letting it lead the way in helping me find clarity on my life’s purpose.
a life of service to others. I had connected the dots.

It has been a long road to get here and writing this to you my friend, I learned many invaluable lessons along the way and realize that I had the power all along to decide where the line goes next but I chose to dabble instead of mastering my decisions and what it was I truly wanted for my life.

It is now my mission to assist you in upgrading your life, empower you and share wisdom on the pitfalls you can avoid so that you can master patterns and strategies for living your best life quicker always with clarity, your superpower.

One thing I want to share with you before closing up this part is that there is no magical solution or quick-fix formula to finding what it is you “really” want for your life, hence clarity.

Coaching is about achieving goals and making your dreams come true but it’s more than that.

When you make the decision to embark on a journey with me as your personal coach, my guarantee, is you will experience joy and fulfillment unlike you have ever felt before. You will learn, grow, discover and explore paths and alternative routes that will lead you directly to your dreams but most of all you will enjoy the ride.

Because sometimes, we can’t always do it on our own. I am here to serve you.