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Rosey Marie Holcomb

  • Empowerment & Transformation

Rosey Marie Holcomb

  • Empowerment & Transformation

Rosey Marie Holcomb is an Empowerment & Transformation Coach and the founder of Freedom n’ Bliss Life Coaching.

Clients will take a beautiful journey of healing & growth with Rosey Marie’s Emotion based Coaching resulting in freedom from negative thought pattern and old limiting beliefs, freedom to show up as the truest most authentic version of themselves, and freedom to create the dream life they have always wanted. She helps clients gain new insights and clarity, in order to create empowered goals that are authentically true to them. Over the course of the coaching program clients achieve true transformation by understanding old habits and their root cause, developing awareness, and strategically creating a custom tailored plan with action steps that will empower and enable them to live their most blissful life! Clients are skillfully guided to take desired actions to achieve their goals, leading to their personal freedom and greater life fulfillment!

Rosey Marie is a heart-centered, inspiring influencer, holding degrees in Behavioral Sciences & Psychology through DePaul University, and internationally Certified in Life & Success Coaching by Jay Shetty Professional Life Coaching School, accredited by Association For Coaching, TRACCERT Canada /Member of EMCC. She resides in Chicago, Illinois and her passions include community service, personal development, mentoring, and motivational speaking.

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