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Ruchi Kalra

  • Life & Success Coach

Ruchi Kalra

  • Life & Success Coach

Do you want to be your very own cheerleader? Do you want to stop waiting for others to celebrate your victories and cheer you as you work towards that goal?  We can work together so you find your own inner strength to lift your spirits through every twist and turn that life brings your way. Learn to meet doubt and fear with a warm welcome smile. Give yourself permission to accept yourself exactly as you are – complete, whole, and resourceful.

I have a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and over 20 years of experience across both Fortune 500 companies and the world of startups.  The first half of my career was spent in the manufacturing and airline industries playing various roles from sales and support to financial planning and analysis.  The second half of my professional journey has been focused on launching two startups with the last one helping small businesses succeed in their competitive local environment.

The last few years have taken me on a path of self-exploration with Spine surgery in November 2017, the passing of my dad in April 2018, and my husband’s stage 3 Colon Cancer diagnosis in December 2020. I am finally living in my dharma where I see my passion (Varna) seamlessly connect with giving back to the world (Seva) and am happy to help people find their life’s purpose.

When not helping clients, I spend my time foot printing the world (lightly) with my hubby Vivek, kids, Riya and Eshan, and fur baby Jax. I am a storyteller/lifestyle blogger and love sharing my travel, cooking, writing, and life adventures. I am also a two-time Amazon bestseller author.

I am passionate about helping people grow in their life’s journey and helping them find their purpose. Let’s connect and Grow Together.


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