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Ryan Sipes

  • Transition Coach - Specializing in Life Transitions and Career Transitions (Dealing with Grief)
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Ryan Sipes

  • Transition Coach - Specializing in Life Transitions and Career Transitions (Dealing with Grief)

Hi! Thanks for visiting! I’m a passionate individual to help people that feel stuck. Being at your “rock bottom” and not knowing what to do next is overwhelming, painful and can cause some heavy grief. Or maybe you’re the individual that feels stagnant or too comfortable with your current position in your life/career. Whether it is needing change or tackling a new situation, I’m eager to make action happen.

My goal is to help you discover where your rock bottom can be turned into your launch pad. Finding strength in your weaknesses and shifting your perspective on your challenges/new adventures can be insanely difficult. No obstacle or dream is too big for you to work with! I WILL push you.

Some examples of what I specialize in: *not limited*
All types of transitions
Relationships (grief from losing a family member/friend or loved one)
Life transitions (i.e. wanting to make a big move, going for a new opportunity)
Lastly, career coaching (new career move or job promotions).

My drive to specialize in this comes from watching countless close friends and family members getting overwhelmed with opportunities and challenges to the point where they don’t push themselves to their next step. It breaks my heart to see this… so I knew helping people that wanted to be helped was the route for me 🙂

I’m a high energy individual with a competitive spirit. I’m extremely transparent, but my approach is very kind-hearted. I approach all relationships with an open mind and lots of love. I love to laugh!

Full time I do strategic sales for a software company. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, snowboarding, playing soccer/disc golf with many hours spent in the gym. In my down time, I’ll be indulging in either a book/podcast.