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Sarah Quénette

  • Confidence, Personal Balance & Relationship Coach

Sarah Quénette

  • Confidence, Personal Balance & Relationship Coach

My self-discovery journey started when I was 17 through the practice of yoga. In the years that followed, I discovered other personal development tools : through introspection and reflection I started to know, understand and love myself better.

I started asking myself how I could help others (especially other women) go through the same transformation and build meaningful and purposeful life for themselves.

I found the answer equally in what I share through yoga (that I’ve been teaching since 2016) and in my coaching practice, where I help women build their dream life and live fully and peacefully, being unapologetically themselves !

Whether you’re :
– going through an overwhelming transition, that you need to find a way to navigate with balance, confidence, serenity and peace ;
– or feeling hindered and frustrated by the inability to make decisions or take action in order to live the life you want ;
– or feeling like you’re living by default, unable to use your time and energy according to your desires ;
– or living a happy life, but feeling like you’re missing purpose or meaning ;

I’m here to help you build your way to a life that’s aligned to your values, your aspirations and your dreams !

What you can expect from your coaching sessions with me :
– Becoming the lead character in your own life and being unapologetically yourself !​
– Actively stepping in the direction of your goals and desires everyday, living up to your full potential !​
– Navigating your life with confidence and stability and facing changes and challenges with peace and serenity !

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