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Seema Patel

  • Transformation & Life Coach
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Seema Patel

  • Transformation & Life Coach

When was the last time you truly invested in yourself and were happy with the outcome?

Often times we go through life chasing the milestones along the well-trodden path of the many. Go to school, get a degree, work your way up the career ladder, find a partner, buy a house and the list goes on.  You’ve ticked those boxes, so consensus says you must be happy and content with your life – but yet, something is still missing and you can’t quite put your finger on it.

As a Transformation & Life Coach, I want to empower and motivate my Clients to reconnect with what they truly want and live a more purpose driven and happier life.

Working together, we dive deep into all aspects of your life and discover what may be holding you back from moving towards that next level of happiness. We create a strategy that works around your unique self to better equip you with the tools and knowledge to deal with your struggles. This will often times push you out of your comfort zone, and your knee-jerk reaction may be to retreat back to the comfort of the known. However – where previously you may have faced these challenges alone, you now have someone who can help guide you through those parts.

You already hold the solutions – I help you find them.

If this resonates with you – get in touch for a free Discovery Call to talk in more detail as to how we could work together to help you find your happy.


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