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Shawn Moore

  • Well-being Fitness Coach

Shawn Moore

  • Well-being Fitness Coach

Shawn has coached individuals at every level of life, including in professional sports, fortune 100 companies, the military, top generals, and many of the world’s most elite executives. From the DoD, to the MLB, and the NFL, to companies like Boeing and Johnson and Johnson, and teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, and Arizona Diamondbacks. Shawn has a passion for helping individuals and teams become better and live in a way that brings them fulfillment. This methodology goes beyond business or professional performance and addresses the core of human happiness.  It builds you as an individual through mental, physical and spiritual alignment so that you are free to be YOU. 

The world needs YOU and your unique gifts and talents.  Whether that’s as a soccer mom, a teammate, a wife, a father, an artist, a professional athlete or a top executive.  By focusing on building the core of happiness you will be living at the top of your game, wherever you choose that game to be. 

 Shawn’s profound passion for teaching and well-being helps others reach meaningful breakthroughs in their lives both professionally and personally.  This is how he was able to help place his company on the list of “Top 20 US Companies For Leaders” by Hewitt and Fortune Magazine, and the very same way he was able to help a young married man, who declared;  “There is no other way to say it. I will be forever grateful to you.. for the impact and change that you wrought in me. The experiences that [I’ve had]…were profound; they are like a high that I’ve been searching for ever since”

Shawn works with the world’s most elite performers, along with individuals at every other level.  He has a special affinity for working with youth as well and serves on the Board of Directors of an international humanitarian and youth development organization, which provides over $15 million in humanitarian aid every year in 27 different countries worldwide.  He has lived or worked in 9 different countries, holds a Masters Degree, and speaks multiple languages.  

In his free time Shawn enjoys travel, sports and adrenaline.  

He is inspired by the individual journey, both for the individual and for the impact they can have on the community and world around them.  If you want to dig deeper, and craft your core of mental, physical and spiritual happiness, let’s meet!