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Shubham Agarwal

  • Purpose & Fulfilment Coach

Shubham Agarwal

  • Purpose & Fulfilment Coach


Driven but Directionless. Aspirational but Confused. Ingenious but Anxious. Worthy but Doubtful. Ambitious but Exhausted. Resourceful but Lost. Capable but Unfulfilled.

I too have been there.

Hi, I’m Shubham. Purpose-Driven Life & Career Coach, on a mission to serve and empower driven individuals & professionals liberate from the shackles of their toxic environmental conditioning and psychological barriers by being their freedom partner in their authentic & meaningful journey of self-discovery, greatness & fulfilment.


1. Rewrite your story and take 100% ownership of your uniquely gifted & impactful life
2. Push past your comfort zone and commit to your growth & well-being
3. Unlock your true potential & craft a life you were born to have
4. Put in the yards to actualise a vibrant, purposeful & fulfilling life
5. Rediscover the person you were always meant to be


1. Give you a safe empowering space free of judgements & biases and filled with deep listening, powerful reflective questions, confidentiality, trust, authenticity, empathy, commitment, integrity & respect
2. Provide you the right kind of mirror to reflect authentically so you will reach a place within you where you will see the solution
3. Facilitate you transcend your fears & limiting beliefs
4. Be your lighthouse to help you stay on course towards creating your masterpiece
5. Guide you to generate insights so you can discover your innate potential
6. Support you to adopt & inculcate empowering habits & disrupt old negative patterns

I am an Engineering Graduate turned Tennis Coach, Entrepreneur & Life Coach, who defied the odds to follow his passion, live his purpose and do what he believes in.

As a millennial being brought up in India, having lived the life of an employee & an entrepreneur, and having coached people from different parts of the world & from varied backgrounds, I am well aware of what it feels like struggling to transcend through Insecurities & Self-Doubt and to craft a Fulfilling Career & a Meaningful Life.

Moreover, I understand the many challenges people go through in their lives from childhood through adolescence to adulthood. I’m talking about the pain stemming from toxic environment, heartbreak, financial pressures, external validation cravings, and from living an inauthentic life, having its ripple effects on physical & mental health, career & business, relationships & overall well-being.

I am fortunate to have reconnected with my Passion & Purpose and to have rediscovered the path of Fulfilment. I have helped my clients add Spark & Fulfilment to their lives. Let me show you how you can too.

In a nutshell, I’ll not only empower you to deconstruct your pain and alchemize it into your power but will also help you pull out the weed of suffering and plant the seed of purpose so you can reap the fruit of fulfilment.

Take a step forward & board my coaching boat. Let’s talk about your goals & pain points and explore if working together is a good fit.

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Time to get unstuck and shine!


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