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Sunita Gurung Zeederberg

  • Life Coach

Sunita Gurung Zeederberg

  • Life Coach

Hi Everyone, This is Me  (Sunita Zeederberg)

Born and raised in a beautiful hill station in India, Darjeeling, regarded as the Queen of Hills. My formative years were spent with my grandmother, who instilled values, such as honesty, integrity, discipline, and perseverance. She also held high moral and ethical standards. She was also very big on giving back to the community. These are the qualities I possess today.  My childhood was blissful and I was fortunate to have been raised amongst Nature and with my extended family around.   

The next chapter of my life took me to Kathmandu, Nepal, where my family had settled. Straight after high school, I had to take up a job to support my family. Having to take care of the family at a young age, taught me many life skills, for which I am grateful. The values instilled by my grandmother gave me courage and resilience in the face of adversity.  

The next journey of my life landed me in Dubai, where I met my husband. After I got married, I decided to pursue my education and at the same time, I  started working as a Teaching Assistant at my daughter’s school. I got my Bachelor’s degree and a Postgraduate Certification in Education and became an Educator. I  was incredibly lucky that during this journey, my mentors and guides carried and uplifted me and lead me to be successful in achieving my goals.

Although I am passionate about teaching and I am shaping young minds every day, I kept feeling that I had a greater purpose. During this time I also felt a strong pull toward spirituality so I started practicing yoga and meditation too. 

I got tested positive for Covid during the first wave. Two weeks in isolation, made me look at life from different perspectives. It was a time of deep reflection and also made me realize that I needed to take the plunge and follow my purpose and live my dream which is to serve others. The universe answered my prayers and I enrolled in a Life Coaching Certification Programme. 

While on this journey, I learned so much about myself, my fear, my limiting beliefs, and my strengths and weaknesses. I coached myself out of it. I am nowhere perfect but having gained the knowledge and having the opportunity to practice coaching and seeing the results makes me feel empowered and has given me the courage and confidence to make a difference in people’s lives.  Now I feel, I am ready to be of service to humanity.