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Suranga De Silva

  • Creativity and Performance Coach

Suranga De Silva

  • Creativity and Performance Coach

Hi, my name is Suranga De Silva and I’m a Career and Life Coach based in Los Angeles.

Before I was a coach, I was a studio artist. I studied fine art and art history at Alfred University, afterwards working for a pair of amazing designers in NYC. During this time I learned a lot about the practicalities of operating as a working artist, but knew that I needed a change.

That change hit me late one evening as I looked over literally piles of artwork my friends had made. Looking across that floor I asked myself, “Why am I the only one seeing this?’. It seemed ridiculous to me that people so talented, filled with so much potential, weren’t showing their work or actively getting themselves out there.

At that moment, I decided I could do something about it. So, I moved back to LA and formed DEMOblank, a pop-up art gallery/collective whose mission is to exhibit and promote the work of creative individuals.

DEMOblank became a fun, creative, energizing space where people come together to share ideas, start new projects, create connections, and grow as artists.

After starting DEMOblank, I realized that I was a natural facilitator; coaching has helped me hone this innate ability.

The same principles of creativity, community, and transformation that I bring to DEMOblank, I bring to my coaching practice. In every session, I facilitate comfortable spaces for sharing and collaborating for my clients, and assist them in forming their own creative solutions that will lead to lasting change in their lives.

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