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Susan Shirk

  • Personal Productivity Coach

Susan Shirk

  • Personal Productivity Coach

Empowering Achievers To Do More That Matters

Juggling multiple priorities can leave you feeling spread thin, and wanting to show up better for what truly matters in your life.

You’ve read personal-growth books, listened to podcasts, taken courses, but are still not seeing the results you want. It’s time to hire a coach to get you to the next level.

I provide individualized coaching to help you get there faster.

We’ll explore the three pillars of personal productivity: purpose, energy, and habits. I’ll help you apply each pillar to your unique situation, giving you a strong support for success.

  • With a clear sense of purpose, you will know what to say “yes” to, and when to say “no.”
  • You’ll understand what drains your energy, fuels you, and how to best recharge.
  • Habits will become your allies, instead of your downfall.

I’ve lived this challenge. On my 20+ year productivity journey, I’ve become a martial arts master, ran businesses, raised a family, earned degrees, worked in academia, and deepened connections with the people in my life. Through professional training and real-world trial and error, I learned to connect to my purpose, manage my energy, and consciously use habits to craft a meaningful life of impact.

Now my mission is to equip others to find the joy in doing more that matters in their lives.

What could you achieve if you were more productive?

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