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Timothy Bei

  • Awareness Coach

Timothy Bei

  • Awareness Coach

Hi I’m Timothy Bei. 

Have you ever felt lost? I have. I was emotionally lost. I didn’t know how to identify my feelings. I was at Salsa Class one evening and I felt really off. My moves were lacklustre and I wasn’t having a good time. 

Then my friend said to me, ‘Hey Tim, you look really bored’. 

And I was like, “Oh my gosh yes, that’s it! I feel bored. I’m so sorry”. 

I was so emotionally lost that I couldn’t even identify with the feeling of boredom. I didn’t have a label for this feeling. I was in the midst of counselling during this time and I told my counsellor about this. She said I needed to identify my emotions, become more emotionally intelligent, develop my emotional vocabulary. I look back to that event and to my friend and feel so grateful that her awareness helped me to gain greater awareness in myself. 

This lead me to lean into counselling and personal development even more. Five years later, that journey lead me here, to become a certified Jay Shetty Coach. I still believe awareness is the first step to creating the change we seek. I have gained so much wisdom, knowledge and tools in this journey and I want to help you discover your own strengths and abilities. 

The truth is, I still feel lost sometimes. I’m still developing my emotional intelligence. But I’ve made progress and the progress is always on-going. 

I can’t make all your challenges disappear. But I can help you to become aware of your strengths and help you identify how to solve them. Book me for a free taster session so we can build clarity together.