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Ursula Hausler

  • Empowerment & Authenticity Coach

Ursula Hausler

  • Empowerment & Authenticity Coach

Do you sometimes wonder what life is all about? Why you are on this planet at this particular point in time? Or you just went through a life changing phase and feel a bit lost on your path? You are looking for more meaning in life?

I was exactly at this point 2 years ago. After working in the corporate field for over 10 years as a Marketing Manager and becoming a mom I felt a bit disconnected from the world and who I was. In March 2020 I was divinely guided to dedicate some time to personal development, mindset & shadow work. I realised and experienced first hand that true change always comes from within and that accepting & honouring who we are at the core is the gateway to living a more abundant and fulfilled life.

It would be an absolute honour to support you on your own journey of finding back to your true Self and accepting your UNIQUENESS so that you can live in your fullest potential and live a fulfilled life!

I’ll guide you to step more into your most authentic expression of self by fully embracing and accepting all parts of you and by becoming aware of your limiting beliefs and conditioning.

It’s so important that we nurture our nature and work with our inherent gifts and talents so that we can thrive.

I will support YOU in the process of

– Raising Self-Awareness
– Fostering Self-Acceptance
– Igniting Self-Responsibility
– Creating Self-Mastery
– Finding Self-Fulfillment
– Mastering Self-Realisation
– Finding your own answers within
– Trusting your intuition
– Listening to your body
– Cultivating Self-Care
– Owning your Power
– Living more intentionally

Please check out my website and book a free discovery call today to learn more about me and how I can support you on your journey.