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Uthayanthi Shanmugarajah

  • Life Coach

Uthayanthi Shanmugarajah

  • Life Coach

My purpose is to help mothers rediscover themselves and find balance amidst the multiple roles they play every day.

The first part of my story might strike a chord with many working mothers. A qualified accountant and member of the ACCA, I worked corporate roles in the UK and UAE for over two decades. My family grew alongside my career, and every minute of every day was spent being a mother, organiser, wife, employee, provider and caregiver.

While I was showing up for everyone, I began to lose my sense of self, confidence and worth. Eventually, I ended up questioning my life’s purpose and choices.

Finding clarity in the mental fog and dealing with the overwhelm became my priorities, and I started working with a life coach. The support I received was empowering and liberating, and over time, I was able to reset and refocus. As I worked on rebuilding my life on my terms, I felt compelled to extend the same hand to corporate mothers who were fighting similar battles. So, during the pandemic, I set out on a new journey to become a certified life coach.

Today, I stand at the cusp of completing my first coaching certification, with the aim to empower working mothers to build balanced and purpose-led lives.

I have never been more at peace with myself. And I can help you feel the same way.

If you would like to be the best version of yourself, show up as a happy mother, and find balance in your working life, let’s talk.

Utha Shanmugarajah
Life Coach