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Valerie Turgeon

  • Self Love & Life Purpose Coach

Valerie Turgeon

  • Self Love & Life Purpose Coach

Do you feel lost or unsure of what your calling is in life? Are you looking to feel more alive, discover what your true passions are, and actually live them?

It’s something that a lot of people encounter in life, but most people do nothing about it…

Valerie Turgeon is one of the many Jay Shetty Certified Life Coaches helping make wisdom go viral. She is a Self-Love & Life Purpose coach whose mission is to help her clients connect with their inner bliss, and awaken the divine light within them.

Her biggest passion is guiding her clients to face and overcome personal obstacles & connect with their inner peace so they are able to live the happiest, most fulfilling life they can live.

Life is too short, so why wait to put yourself first?

Aren’t you tired of waiting?

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