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Vanessa Helfrich

  • Certified as a Life & Succes Coach

Vanessa Helfrich

  • Certified as a Life & Succes Coach

Recognized Coach since 2010

Jay Shetty Certification School 

NCOI, HBO Coaching

Coaching Skills: Life, Career, Mindset, Relationship, Purpose, Focus, Self-organization, Courage, Loss, Communication, Mindfulness, Relocation, Spiritual, Midlife. 


About me:

My name is Vanessa. I was born and raised in Amsterdam and have been living in Lugano, Switzerland since 2016. After working in various commercial positions, I found my destiny as a Life Coach. 

My specialisations are:

  • Finding your “passion & purpose in life”.
  • Guidance in decision making, achieving goals.
  • Transformation
  • Processing negative experiences/events. 
  • Resolving blockages.
  • Processing love pain. 

Every one of us has challenges to face. These challenges differ from person to person, and we all handle things in our own way. My approach is empathetic, positive, reassuring, and free of judgement.

I view life as a path. Our dreams and goals lie along this path, but we will inevitably encounter obstacles along the way. With the right approach, it’s possible to turn these obstacles into experiences that can make us stronger and enrich our lives. 


I believe in an open coaching style. What works well for one person may not be right for another. For this reason, I map out a personal route towards the objective with every client at the start of their journey. My role is to listen and instill confidence to overcome obstacles. I guide and motivate so that you can become the best version of yourself.

Working digitally means I can offer my services internationally. 

Please contact me for a no-obligation introduction so we can discuss what I can do for you.


Love pain or heartache
Love can be complicated. Love relationships come in many forms: romantic relationships, family relationships, friendships, the loss of a loved one. Love pain cuts deep and can be so overwhelming that it impacts your daily life. However, it is possible to break this pattern, and I’d like to help you succeed in this. That’s why I offer ‘emergency calls’ of up to 20 minutes to guide you through the challenging moments. Of course, a longer call time is also possible if the situation so requires.