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Veronica Trevilla

  • Focus Coach

Veronica Trevilla

  • Focus Coach

My name is Veronica Trevilla (tre-vee-ya). I am a Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach with a niche in Focus. I believe we all have specific visions for our lives where meeting our goals leads to living a life full of love, joy, health and success. But do you know that only 8% of people actually realize their life’s goals? Sound surprising? Of course not! You’ve been there too. I know I have. That’s why developing your mental focus is so incredibly important. Yes, your ability to focus is a skill. Yes, you can practice it. You can learn how to develop and use your focus to finally reach the dreams that have seemed unreachable before.

I’ve taken twenty years of experience from my clinical ADHD practice and developed a coaching program to help individuals strengthen their mental focus. Having worked with ADHD patients and families has equipped me with a unique understanding of the constant frustration that comes from lacking focus in one’s life.

My coaching philosophy is built on the concept that your mental focus is a direct product of your lifestyle. I believe that mind, body, and spiritual health are tightly woven together. When any of these areas is weakened, so is your mental focus.

As your life coach, I will guide you through a self-discovery process that will open awareness for you and guide you through creating a road map that works effectively for your individual needs.

Many of the topics that frequently come up with clients who struggle to stay focused on their goals include: setting healthy boundaries (with self and in relationships), emotional avoidance, guilt, fear, weakened belief (usually from having failed at reaching goalsl many times before).

*Formal diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorders is not required to benefit from my coaching program.